Meet Oak-hee. I adopted her from a Tractor Supply store in 2011. She’s a great companion unless you’re trying to dress her up for Halloween.

I grew up watching the women in my family sew. Though I never did quite have the disclipine to sit down and learn pattern sewing, I did pick up the skills to sew abstract things, like matching squirrel + acorn costumes.

My mother made all of my dance recital costumes, even back in the early days where the main success of any performance was keeping all the dancers on stage. In those days I always ran off stage.

Then one day I got a taste for the spotlight. I happily danced, sang, and acted throughout my youth. Though my extra curriculars focused on athletics as I got older, I did find a performance outlet singing karaoke at the local Boston bars. From there I went on to become a karaoke jockey in graduate school. I am very comfortable addressing a crowd, be that at the ol’ pub, or in a room full of executives.